Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dance your cares away...

I'm a Scorpio. I like to think that I'm pretty laid-back for a Scorpio, but one trait that I definitely have is stubbornness. Back in high school, I pretty much refused to accept that it was cold out until October, so I'd wear shorts to school when it was 55 degrees out, just as long as it was still September.

This compulsion has changed a bit over the years. I actually wear pants during the summer now... however, nowadays I won't turn on the heat for the season until I've reached a point where I'm sitting here shivering. This means lots of hot chocolate (just awful, I know), and a tendency to wear hats like the following:

That fabulous creation was intended to be part of my Red Fraggle costume for Halloween this year. The pattern can be found here; the brim and pigtails are a strand of red and orange Fun Fur held together, and the body of the hat is TLC Cotton-Ease.

The Red Fraggle costume idea has fallen by the wayside in favor of River from Serenity/Firefly, but the hat still needed to be seen.