Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The socks that never end

Well, I guess if I talk about the unending kilt hose, I should show where we are:

Kilt hose, 8/5/08

Kilt hose, 8/5/08

I am about, oh, halfway done the leg. I have another few repeats of the calf decrease rounds, then another 8" of leg ribbing, then turn the heel, then approximately a size 12 foot.

I'm having pretty severe motivation problems. They're not for me, so I can't just put them in a time-out basket for a few weeks. And if I don't want to be working on them for the next 6 months, I have to find a way to work on them MORE, not less.

They will be gorgeous when they're finished. That's my mantra for this project: They will be gorgeous when they're finished.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The stuff of nightmares

Took a much-needed break from endless black ribbing in order to make this guy...

Elder God

He was a birthday present for L, my co-WoW-geek at work. L has at least 2 stuffed Cthulhus (Cthulhi?) that I know of, so as soon as I saw The Elder God pattern in the Anticraft's Imbolc '08 issue, I made a mental post-it note about it.

I have never had an FO make me laugh as hysterically as this one did. I was cracking myself up during the assembly phase, particularly during tentacle application.

Elder God

My mods were nothing huge. I made a set of wings as specified in the pattern, but couldn't get them to arrange themselves the way I wanted. I fought with them for about an hour before deciding that maybe it was time for different wings. I crocheted two triangles, folded them over, and sewed them on. Instant wings!

I left off the first tiny part of the face adornment and just gave him angry eyebrows. VERY horrifying.

And then there were the tentacles. The pattern tentacles are pretty small. I made a set, held them up to his face... He looked like he had a small, scraggly green beard. I wasn't exactly filled with abject terror and insanity. It definitely called for longer tentacles, which I made by just doubling the chain lengths and then doing sc back to 2 stitches before the other end of the chain. The individual chains started curling and ended up looking super-tentacly and awesome.

Elder God

Now I just need one for me...