Thursday, March 27, 2008

2008's first FO!

I can't believe this is my first FO this year, but I had to start a new Flickr set for it and everything.

A hat for the BF:
John's hat

John's hat

He doesn't know yet that he's getting this hat, but he's well aware of the fact that I knit, and I think it's a good introduction to the world of random knitted gifts.

Anyway, the pattern is the Ski Beanie from Son of Stitch and Bitch, and the yarn is Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed, which was lovely to work with and awful to seam with (nubby + easy to pull apart + mattress stitch = "Crap, I broke the yarn again"). If I were to do this pattern again, I'd knit it in the round. The garter rib is plenty stretchy, so it will hopefully fit J just fine.

Allergy season hit for me last week, although it was so bad that I thought I had a cold at first... stayed home from knit night, drank lots of tea, went to bed early. It wasn't helping at all, and then my sinuses kicked in and I realized that it was just my allergies going absolutely crazy because of the mild winter we had here. I got to escape up to NJ for Easter, and things are getting a little bit better now that we've had some rain, but I have to say, last week was as miserable as my allergies have ever been. Ugh.