Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long time no blog, eh?

I haven't gotten too much done on the crafting side of things, which means I haven't really had much to blog about on my craft blog. Funny how that happens.

We had our annual holiday swap and tea earlier this month, and it was so great to take a couple of hours away from holiday craziness and see everyone! We went to Teavolve's Harbor location, and if you're into fruity herbal teas, I highly recommend their Berry Cocktail tisane.

Jody gifted me with chocolate, a wristlet bag, and a Cha Cha Cowl:
Cha Cha Cowl

This is an original pattern of hers, and I'm more than a little bit in love with it. And I feel I should tell you, she's made the pattern available on Ravelry as a free download or through the non-Ravelry link on her blog post. Thank you, Jody!

I made a Bainbridge scarf from pepperknit for Cheryl, although I left off the ties because it seems like there are more arranging options if you fasten it with a pin.
Bainbridge Scarf
There was also a crocheted bowl that I neglected to take any pictures of, some cranberry mulling spices for cider or wine, and an "origami" wreath that I made from the instructions at Domesticali. I have more of these on my tree than I care to talk about. I'm obsessed with them.

I'm about 45% done with a Tychus hat for J, to replace the first hat I made him (his nephew usurped the first one). I asked a bunch of times if he wanted a replacement, he said no. A couple of weeks ago, he suddenly asked when I was making him another hat. *facepalm* Anyway, I'm using some teal Misti alpaca (leftover from my Simple Knitted Bodice) and brown Jo Sharp wool (leftover from his first hat), so it's a subdued color combination that I'm hoping he will like. I'm lengthening it and probably adding some ribbing around the bottom so he'll have enough for a 2"-3" brim.

Anyway, I know everyone has been on pins and needles... my shaman hit level 80 a couple of weeks ago. J and I ran all of our quests together, so we hit 80 at the exact same time. We're going to do the same thing with our paladins too. Ah, gamer love.