Saturday, June 06, 2009

Here's Terttu!

My saucy new Finnish friend wants to say hi:
Terttu - off-kilter

Terttu - macro

Terttu - finished

Terttu - macro

Terttu - worn as a shrug

I loved this pattern so very much. Lankakomero's site is mostly in Finnish, but the pattern does have clear English instructions on how to follow the charts. The big graphic pattern means it actually works with variegated yarn, which doesn't happen with too many lace patterns. This was one 475-yard skein of Ellen's Half-Pint Farm merino/tencel sock yarn; it yielded a shawl 44" wide. It's a nice over-the-shoulder shawl.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Antidote for the blahs

Look what showed up today to help combat the rainy day blahs:
Jimmy's Journey - JBW June '09

Jimmy's Journey - JBW June '09

You may know the drill by now: it's a Jimmy Beans limited edition color. Again. This one is the June 2009 offering, called "Jimmy's Journey", and I'm a wee bit in love with it.

No decent shawl pictures yet, owing to the rain today. Tomorrow should be clear, so I'll shoot for then.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Guess what's blocking?

Terttu is done and in the final stages of prep!

Here's my blocking board, also known as "a towel on my bed":
Terttu blocking

I had a surprise trip to the emergency room yesterday after I fainted in the apartment rental office, and was KICKING MYSELF for not having my purse with me. This would have been some prime knitting time. (No, there's nothing wrong; according to the many many tests they ran, I'm in very good health).

Anyway, I finished up the last few rows today, wove in ends, and am properly wet-blocking this. A good once-over spritz from my iron's spray feature did the trick.

I'll get some good pictures when it's dry. It came out to a very respectable size of 44" wide; not bad for a skein of sock yarn!