Thursday, August 25, 2005

I don't know what to do with myself

I have no WIPs right now. None. ZERO. I frogged a couple of things over the weekend, and finished the 2 WIPs that I still had going.

What did I finish?

My Clapotis!
3 skeins of Wool in the Woods Seed-n-Such, "Oslo" colorway.

Here's my couch modeling it:

A slightly closer view:

And an extreme close-up:

I love the yarn. The colors are every bit as obnoxious in person as they look on screen, and the texture is really neat. It wasn't the easiest yarn to work with, because the slubs tended to make one stitch look like two stitches. Once I got used to that, it wasn't a problem.

Finished project #2 is something I've come to call the Bag of Fate. When I was in junior high and high school, I was obsessed with Mystery Science Theater 3000. One of the "experiments", as they called the movies that they would snark on, was Manos: The Hands of Fate, a truly horrible movie about a family that finds a temple to "Manos" run by the Master and Torgo. There might also be an entrance to hell, but it's not all that clear. It's ranked #1 on the IMDB "Bottom 100", and no movie could be more deserving.

Anyway, the fact that there's a yarn line from "Manos del Uruguay" has amused the heck out of me for a few months now. It spawned the Bag of Fate, based on the hand design on the Master's robe. It's my first design, my first intarsia, and my first foray into felting. I just hope the Master likes it, because I wouldn't want to end up like Torgo.


Close-up of the hands:
It took 2 skeins of Black, 1 skein of Cherry Red (color 48). I officially love this yarn. It comes out with a cool bumpy texture when felted.

Yarn porn!

This is the package of more Manos (this, at least, was on sale) that I ordered from Flying Fingers.

Yes, that's a postcard in back, with a nice handwritten note from one of the owners. Fast shipping, REASONABLY PRICED shipping, and nice touches like pretty tissue paper and a note during what I'd imagine was a crazy sale for them... I'd order from them again without any hesitation.

Here's the yarn out of the box.

And this is some more Wool in the Woods yarn that I got at All About Yarn during our unofficial Knittyboard gathering there last weekend. This is "Frizee", and I have no idea what the colorway is, because the labels don't say.

I just have to find something other than a Clapotis to make with it... I need some time away from Clapotises.

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Foogrrl said...

Oh, my...I think I need a Bag of Fate!

And I'm glad I'm not the only person who has the same thing come to mind when I hear about/see Manos.

And I think the Master will be very pleased. (And I had the self-restaint to not type that in a Torgo-esque fasion.)