Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's just another New Year's Eve...

Couldn't let 2006 go out without one last post, could I? (sorry about the recent absence... I'm yet another blogger who's lazy during the holidays).

Christmas was good. The family hasn't yet figured out that they can get me knitting paraphernalia, but I got some really nice non-knitting stuff... From my parents, I got a couple of new shirts and sweaters, a gorgeous leather jacket, an obnoxiously large set of philosophy bath/lotion stuff, an electric grill/griddle/panini press that I'm quite excited about (since I didn't have so much as a grill pan before). From my brother, the Alan Lee illustrated Lord of the Rings set, which is one of the best presents I've ever gotten. Ever.

Everything that I got for everyone went over well. The sweaters I found for my family members fit them all and looked good, which made me happy. Banana Republic was SO happy to see me and my wallet walk into the store. I was at the mall on other business, and after needing 10 minutes to find a parking space, I decided to make the most of it and wander around. I went in to BR just to browse, and I came out with three sweaters -- a blue v-neck for my mom, a grey crewneck for my dad, and a brown zip-up pullover for my brother. I know, I know. "You BOUGHT sweaters???" When I get to the point where I'm proud enough of my knitting to want to give elaborate knitted gifts (beyond scarves and other smallish things), I'll still want to collaborate with them to make sure that they're getting EXACTLY what they want. Plus, 2 of the 3 sweaters I got were incredibly fine gauge double-knit things that would be impossible to do without a knitting machine. That gets me off the hook a little bit, right?

Here's wishing everyone the best in 2007! Lots of love to everyone. :)


Javajem said...

Happy New Year's eve! Here's to another year of great knitting and new friends!
(thanks for the happy birthday wishes!!)

Lolly said...

There you are ;)

Good to hear about your holiday. Happy New Year!