Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A tiny plied sample

I've been playing around with my new Golding spindle, and I decided a couple of nights ago to try plying what I had... in truth, it's the first time I've ever spun anything thin enough to even be able to *think* about plying, so this was a first.

Plied sample

Plied sample

This roving is a bit hard to work with on a drop spindle. It's some Karaoke from SWTC, so it has soy silk, and it sticks to EVERYTHING. It spins up nicely, it was just that the drafted pieces I was working with kept deciding that they were going to stick to my arm and tear into multiple pieces... and we won't talk about the couple of times that I got the fiber tangled around the single on the spindle.

Gotta love that colorway, though.


Javajem said...

Wow! You did that on a drop spindle!? I'm very impressed! So - when are you planning to buy a wheel?!!


laura said...

very nice. You'll be dreaming of a wheel before you know it.

Chrissy said...

gor -JUS! You did a beautiful job! And those colors!