Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hose cuff finished

I had a great week out in Montana visiting J. Look, I got some knitting done on the plane:

Kilt hose cuff

When I left, all I had was the 4-row purled section on the bottom edge. Over the trip, I finished the whole lace section on the cuff, but had to stop there because I'd forgotten to pack the smaller needles for the ribbed garter.

Anyway, J took me fishing (although I couldn't actively participate because I didn't have a license) and took me to see pretty much all of the sights in the area. We hung out a lot, I met his family, I met his cat, he showed me where he works, and we played WoW together (of course). All in all, a really nice week off.


bySarah said...

Your cuff is so COOL, and your weekend sounds like FUN! (I personally like fishing better when I knit instead of fish.)

Javajem said...

Ooo!!! I want a full update! Are you free tomorrow night? I'll be knitting at Panera!!