Thursday, April 09, 2009

I finished a sleeve!

The ball of yarn I'm on, working very hard
Current ball of yarn

The current sleeve-in-progress:
Ariann sleeve II

And not just any sleeve, but a SECOND sleeve. You can see the first sleeve hiding in the background in the above picture. I spent a lot of time in NJ knitting and watching the NCAA conference tournaments with my mom, and finished the sleeve while I was there.

I also ordered some more Lorna's Laces...
Robin's Eggs - April 2009 special edition

This showed up on Monday, which was grey and dreary and involved my coworkers and me spending the morning cursing at Verizon. Again.

The telltale bag of yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool made it better:
Robin's Eggs - April 2009 special edition

How could that NOT cheer a person up? The colorway is "Robin's Eggs", which is the April '09 limited edition color. It's like candy. Smooshy wool candy.


Javajem said...

That wouldn't be an Arrian sweater sleeve? Do my eyes deceive me>?!!

chacha said...

It is indeed an Ariann sleeve! As God as my witness, I will finish this sweater! Maybe even sometime this year!