Sunday, August 09, 2009


Behold, the Beholder:

This one's more "cute" than" terrifying".
Beholder thinks 3 20s are fishy

He was a birthday present for one of the guys in my D&D group. The beholder spent most of last night lurking off to the side of our game mat, threatening to shoot everyone with laser eye beams.

I crocheted him in a couple of hours using the Beholder pattern from the Anti-Craft. Mine was a mini-version; the body is about the size of a hackysack. We discovered that he occupies a 2x2 area of the game board very nicely, so here's hoping that our lovely GM doesn't decide to have our 3rd level characters fight a beholder just because we have a "miniature" for one... I don't think we'd fare very well.

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