Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Something that made me smile

This was what greeted me first thing in the morning on my first day:

New job!
Note the balls of yarn on the banner. :)

New job!
And flowers! Potted flowers that, theoretically, won't wilt after a few days. I just have to not neglect them horribly.

I have discovered a surprising love for herbal tea. I say "surprising" because I've never liked herbal tea before, EVER. On a whim, I got some organic mint tea at the natural market a few weeks ago. I still don't know what made me buy it, but I LOVE the stuff. I went back last week and got more, along with some "wild berry herb"... and I like that too. So now, I need more. The brand that I'm in love with is Choice Organic, but I'm taking other recommendations. :)


Lolly said...

Oh, that is SO nice, and so personalized!! What a welcoming bunch! Another congrats on the new job, Jen!!

Amie said...

How very sweet of them!!!