Sunday, November 26, 2006


First off, thanks to some awesome people for some gifts that I wasn't expecting at all:

Goodies from Lolly
(Bath & Body Works white tea and ginger hand soap, Grassroots ginger sugar scrub, a felt pin from 60 bugs, and a box of lollypops from See's Candies)

Handpainted bead necklace
(A handpainted bead necklace, which I think she said was from Greece, but I was distracted by pretty things and was only halfway paying attention)

Bath mitt kit
(a K1C2 knitted bath mitt and soap kit -- cucumber melon, one of my faves!)

Mama-E's C*EYE*BER FIBER sock yarn
(YARN!! Specifically, her C*EYE*BER Fiber sock yarn in "coldplay". Gorgeous stuff!)

and Jolene
(She made socks for me!! Hederas, from Knitty, in more C*EYE*BER FIBER)

Thanks so much, gals!

By the way, I suck; I owe giftage to so many people...

So, Wednesday at around noon, I drove up to NJ, taking along 3 bottles of wine, fresh-baked rolls, and a gingerbread cake. When I got to my parents' house, my mom gave me this:
new manicure kit
A manicure set from Bath and Body Works, which was a "thank you" to me for doing the Thanksgiving baking while I'm still adjusting back to a full-time work schedule (I was up kneading dough until 1 am Tuesday night...).

Thanksgiving was good. My brother subjected us to the Madonna concert and America's Next Top Model on Wednesday night... and I subjected myself to the Macy's parade and the 6ABC Boscov's parade Thursday morning. The 6ABC one is the local Philly parade, and since it's on ABC, it's like a 3-hour ad for Disney. It's just about the best opportunity for snarking that I get the entire year (I know, I'm not taking it in the spirit it's intended for AT ALL).

One of the things that was supposed to happen while I was in NJ was the hand-off of my new computer. Since I'm not home most of the time, my dad figured it might be easier to have it delivered up there. So, Thursday night, we opened up the box to get the computer out so that I didn't have to haul the whole huge box back, and discovered that the geniuses at Dell packaging had left the front panel off the computer. The front panel that holds in the drives and usually has things like volume controls on it... missing. So, no new computer just yet. Perhaps in a couple of weeks. :)

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Lolly said...

That's too bad about the computer!
You got nice goodies! I hope you enjoy them!! :)