Friday, February 23, 2007

I can still spin!

I actually went to my spinning group tonight... I have difficulty getting up the energy to drive up for it after a long Friday at work. I don't think I've actually gotten myself to a spinning group meeting since before I started working full-time. That was November. I'm pretty sure I haven't touched my drop spindle since then... bad, bad spinner.

And then tonight, I remembered why I had told myself that I wouldn't bring my Karaoke roving to spinning group ever again. The stuff sheds like mad, and the soy silk means that it sticks to everything. Mostly me. I spun for about 10 minutes, and then had to stop because the fiber was getting everywhere. I was positive that some bright orange fuzz was going to make its way into what the people around me were working on, and I wasn't about to inflict that on them. I got some knitting done instead. Next time: plain ol' wool.

On an unrelated note, can I take a second to tell everyone that I made bagels last weekend? :D


And, since I was asked, the pattern on the hat from the previous post is just a series of right twists, which is basically a little two-stitch cable. Super easy, nice result... love that combo. :)

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