Saturday, March 17, 2007

Update: two tourney days down

Knitting-wise, I have another couple of rounds of seed stitch to do before I'm done with the sleeve. I'm hoping to finish that on lunch break today, and then pick up the neckline stitches tomorrow (since I'll have the day off).

My bracket still looks respectable. I had 25/32 first-round games guessed correctly, which puts me in the 72.1% rank for ESPN's tournament challenge; all my final four teams are still in, and only 2 of my Sweet 16 picks have been knocked out... it's downhill from here. :D


Added: By "downhill", I meant "my ranking will go down because I always do much worse in the later rounds". So, NOBODY is more surprised than I am to find that I had 7 of 8 games right today (wrong call on the Maryland game), and am now sitting solidly in the 90.9% rank. I can't imagine this will last, but it was a nice surprise when I logged on to my bracket after the games tonight. :)

Finished the second SKB sleeve at work today, and now I'm picking up stitches for the neckline. I wish picking up stitches was a slightly less tedious process.

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