Sunday, August 19, 2007

Don't look now... I'm crocheting

A copy of Wrap Style crossed my path at the library yesterday, so I grabbed it. Almost as soon as I got home, I started this:
Chanson En Crochet capelet

It's the Chanson En Crochet capelet. Yes. A capelet. A crocheted capelet (sorry, Amie. I promise I'll keep it away from Panera) . I'm feeling quite well, thank you.

Chanson En Crochet in progress

The yarn is Rowan Summer Tweed. I love it. From a distance away, it just looks lavender. Closer up, you can see the tweedy flecks of greens and oranges and pinks and blues. It makes me smile, and I've been trying to find something to do with it for the last year. I only have 3 skeins, so it had to be something not-too-big. I think it's lending itself to chunky crochet pretty nicely.

Incidentally, this project has potential for many comedic foibles... I'm not exactly an expert with the crochet. I can do a single crochet and a chain stitch, and I have to look up everything else. So far (knock on wood) all is going well. I worked on it this afternoon while watching Columbo; LOVE me the old Columbo movies, and I was way too excited to see that my favorite one was on today.

Lots of love and hugs going out to everyone who needs them. :)


soapturtle said...

cute! I am always tempted to get that book for the shetland triangle

Emilee said...

Beatiful yarn! Good luck with the crochet.

Theresa said...

Pretty! I love this pattern but I don't know any crochet. Hmmm ... maybe I should try to learn.