Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A third of a sweater!

I had no idea that I was quite this close...

Ljod back

I finished the back of Ljod today during some unexpected waiting time at the mechanic... I'd just had my car in for a scheduled service last week, and when they checked the battery, they didn't hook it back up correctly. So basically, my battery had been slowly draining itself dead over the last week, and finally had it today. And when I say it was dead, I mean so dead that the dashboard clock and all of my radio presets reset themselves. Anyway, they fixed it for free and totally owned up to what had happened, so I give them credit for not trying to pull one over on me (although I may see if they feel like giving me a free oil change, since I had to miss a couple of hours of work to have them correct this).

The knitting progress makes up for it a bit. :)

The armholes look uneven in the picture there, mostly because it's not pinned out. I ran an iron over it to get the edges to stop curling so I could get a picture... better blocking will happen while I'm at work tomorrow.


Stacey said...

wow - thats some fast progress!

Sarah said...

Its going to be so beautiful!!

Javajem said...

Wow!! looking good!!

So... you'll have it done for monday right?