Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I can't believe I get paid for this



Staff all dressed up

My Harry Potter Flickr set

This was so much fun! We've been planning for this program since at least November, and it went smoother than any of us could have hoped for. We had good weather, plenty of help, and a large crowd (but not so large that nobody could move). We were thrilled to see that a lot of kids came in costume, including two very little ones who were running around in their Gryffindor sweaters expelliarmus-ing everything in sight.

All of the staff people were running around taking pictures like crazy, and I think we might have had more fun than the kids. :D I was dressed as Moaning Myrtle, and was so happy that people knew right away who I was supposed to be. All of the staff costumes were great. A lot of them had sewn their costumes themselves, and there I was in my Target/Old Navy/H&M knockoff... but considering that not a single person had to ask who I was supposed to be, I think I did good. :D

One of those days where I love my job. :)


Pheelya said...

It looks like you all had lots of fun dressing up! I have to say, the first character I did think about when I saw your pick was Moaning Myrtle :)

Lolly said...

Gosh! that is SOO MUCH FUN! I am working in the wrong place.

That dementor is scary~~

Diane D. said...

Good job on that costume! I'm glad all your hard work paid off.

Javajem said...

Wow! I just looked at all the flickr pics! You guys went ALL OUT!!! I can't believe how much stuff you had on display! You looked amazing!

My Fast on Tour said...

I want details on the Quidditch game. ;)