Friday, July 27, 2007

Bejeweled Scarf

So, here's the danger of having a scarf as purse knitting:
Bejeweled scarf stretched out

That's a yooge scarf there, folks.

I made this my purse knitting after I finished my GWTF socks. A row here, a row there, a whole mess of rows while I was trying to tune out the guy at the tire place telling me in graphic detail about his rectal cancer... I pulled the scarf out last night to see how much longer it would have to be; it was already at 72", and I still had to do the snappy little point. Surprise!

This has long been the ignored middle child of my WIPs, so I'm glad that I can stop feeling bad about neglecting it. It's done just in time for the lovely humid days of August.

Bejeweled scarf modeled
That look on my face says, "I am wearing a scarf, and it is 95 degrees out. Perhaps this knitting thing has gone too far."

Bejeweled scarf rolled up

Bejeweled scarf detail

Bejeweled scarf, by Lisa Shobhana Mason
Started January 07, finished July 07
Yarn: Rowan All-Seasons Cotton, limedrop, 2 skeins
Needles: US size 8.
Mods: Bigger gauge, thicker yarn, fewer stitches. Slipped stitch edges.


Lolly said...

Hey, I remember that yarn! :) It looks wonderful! and everyone needs at least one scarf that is taller than them!

Pheelya said...

Too far?? NAH! It's only going to far when one works on a wool afhgan in this heat and humidity. *checks her multiple WIP ---- uh oh* *giggle*

Javajem said...

72 inches!! wow! You could wrap that around like 5 times! Great for those cool days we've been having....