Monday, September 03, 2007

It's not purple!

I spent the better part of the day yesterday at a cookout (which was tons of fun!), so I'm planning to try to be productive today. Laundry and cleaning for the most part, maybe getting something done on Ljod...

... and finding a place in my stash for the SWTC Optimum that was on sale at Flying Fingers:

SWTC Optimum

I found out after I ordered it that it's been discontinued, so I'm glad I went ahead and bought it. It's ridiculously soft, and is screaming to be made into a sweater.

One of Ljod's fronts has 6 stitches too many. I was bit overzealous with the cast-on, and then I apparently didn't count my stitches before I started knitting. 6 stitches is a bit much for me to hide with strategically placed decreases. The good news is, I'm only about an inch into it, so I don't have to frog too much.

Hope everyone stateside is having a nice weekend!

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