Sunday, September 23, 2007

One hot mess

This poor bag, I swear...

My Itsy Bitsy bag from Knitty has been on the needles for over a year. It's been my "I'm tired of other projects and just need to work on something else for an hour" project. It's small-ish, so it was purse knitting last year on the light rail when I went back to Stitches. It was there that I discovered that I can add 'pen caps' to my list of untrustworthy things, as I found a black ink stain on my in-progress bag. The WIP went into hibernation for a while then... I needed time away to contemplate the ink stain, and I was working on other things.

I got it out a couple of weeks ago, intent on finishing it. I finished the strap. I moved on to the mesh pattern for the other side. I was making PROGRESS.

I noticed that I was doing something differently with the mesh stitch than what I had done on the first side. I couldn't fake it; the stitch looked completely different. Rip back three repeats, go again. This time, I had the stitch right, but something else was still off. Namely, the fact that the mesh pattern on the first side had twice as many stitches as one the second side.

Itsy Bitsy bag

At first, I looked at how poochy the first side was and how flat the second side was, and assumed that I had messed up side #1. Too many yarnovers, or not enough decreases, or a combination of the two... which I then somehow magically fixed when I got back to the herringbone stitch? I know, it doesn't make any sense. I was planning to finish the bag, then go back, thread a lifeline through, and cut away the offending mesh part to redo it.

As I was working on it this morning and moved on to the herringbone border, I noticed that it was narrowing into a trapezoid. That's when I decided to actually count my stitches and discovered that side #1 doesn't have twice the stitches; side #2 has HALF the stitches.

I'm suddenly VERY glad that I decided to finish the bag first, instead of stopping where I was and redoing the first half then... phew. I think that discovery would have led to actual tears. Or a lengthy stream of obscenities. Probably both.

Off to try frogging back to the herringbone along the bottom...

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