Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I made a short-row heel

Just to show that I still knit from time to time...

Northern Lights sock, post-heel turn

I turned the heel on my Northern Lights sock. It's my first short row heel; not too shabby, if I say so myself.

Northern Lights sock - short row heel

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family, and believe me, I know exactly how much I have to be thankful for right now. A whole bunch of wonderful things have happened as a result of getting myself back on the path that I was supposed to be on, and I thank my lucky stars for that every single day. I love my family and my friends and my job (even on the weirdo full moon days); I think I'm entitled to a couple of lines of sappiness about that every so often. :)

Anyway, Thanksgiving was very nice. I didn't get a ton of knitting done, just a little bit while my parents were watching a football game. All I had with me was the sock; Ljod's in a bit of a hibernation, since I need to figure out where the buttonholes go and I'm facing another long and somewhat boring section of stockinette. It's also hard to get jazzed about knitting a sweater when our temperature control at work keeps the building right around a balmy 80 degrees...

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