Thursday, November 08, 2007

Three weeks later...

So, part of the reason I haven't posted in three weeks was because I was making the following, and didn't want folks at work to see it on the blog before I'd actually worn it.

I made a Hallowig...
It was going to be part of my Halloween costume, but didn't really work out. See the little flip on the bottom? That's after 10 minutes of blocking with a steam iron... and it was gone entirely within 20 minutes. Without that, it doesn't look like a wig. It looks like a hat that Went Terribly Wrong. This particular one, in the green, made me think of the melon helmet cat. Still, it only took about a week of night and weekend knitting, so at least I didn't spend a ridiculous amount of time making something that I ended up not wearing.

So, I had to change my costume plans:
Halloween @ work
I worry that so many of my FOs can double as fortune teller/pirate gear (I was going for fortune teller, but several people thought I was a pirate.)

My birthday was last weekend, and was celebrated with dinner at my favorite Indian place. Yum!

Jolene has picked up on my "I like bright pink" vibe... I can't wait to see what this Colinette Jitterbug looks like knitted up:
Colinette Jitterbug

And Jody gave me this wool/tencel from Ellen's Half-Pint Farm, and a super-cute notions bag:
Ellen's Half-Pint Farm Wool/Tencel

Notions bag

Birthday yarn rules! Thanks gals!

Saturday included a rather chilly trip up to Delaware to hang out with Jody, John, and some friends of theirs at the World Championship Punkin Chunkin competition:
Pumpkin cannons

I actually got a picture of a cannon firing where you can see the pumpkin (although you may need to click through and View All Sizes to actually see it)
Fire in the hole!

It was an odd mix of people there. You had the engineers and folks who had made the rigs, you had a bunch of families, you had groups like ours who were just there to hang out and watch some siege engines, and then you had the drunk college students and rednecks, who made up most of the crowd. The organizers of this thing know their audience: case in point, the Skoal Zone tent. It was fun and completely bizarre, although I'd check the weather report a bit more carefully if I went again. Since I was already halfway to NJ, I left early and drove out to my parents' house in time for dinner.

Jody has decided that she and I should be sweater twins, and talked me into doing NaKniSweMo. We're each making Ariann by Bonne Marie Burns. A sweater by the end of the month is going to be a huge stretch for me, considering that I ordered yarn last week and just got the shipping confirmation a few minutes ago. Casting on halfway through the month instead of on Nov. 1 makes it a far less realistic goal for me, but I'll get done whatever I can. We'll see what happens. :)


Javajem said...

Dude - LOVE the green wig :)

PS - I haven't cast on yet either!!!

Lolly said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Jen! it looks like you had fun with the costume! I like the touch of Bejeweled as the sash - very hip :)

Good luck with the sweater knitting. I am doing that knitalong too!

bySarah said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jen! DOnt worry, I dont think Jody is going to finish hers this month.