Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"If you gotta shoot, aim high...

... I don't want to hit the groundhog."

I had my annual viewing of "Groundhog Day" on Monday. I'm inspired to try to get myself out of a couple of ruts I've gotten into... one of which is never updating my blogs.

I've had actual progress on Ariann. The body is complete to the armholes, and I've got 5" of a sleeve done.

Sleeve bindoff

Not too much else happening on the knitting front. I spent MLK Day up in Baltimore with my gaming group, where we spent a few hours at La Tasca ordering what seemed like one of everything on the entire menu.

Nom nom nom

We also went to the Science Center before dinner... we got to see dinosaurs and tornadoes and stuff about global warming and space. Yes, all of us are in the vicinity of 30 years old. We agreed that the model tornado desperately needed plastic cows flying around in it.

Inner Harbor

Hope all is well out there!

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Javajem said...

Awesome picture of B-more!! Hope all is well - miss ya!