Thursday, February 19, 2009

Water and libraries don't get along

You know you're in for something bad when you show up to work to find SIX maintenance vehicles outside:

A hot water pipe in the ceiling over our back room burst overnight. It was an absolute mess, although it could have been much worse (could have happened on a Sunday, could have happened in the public area, could have started an electrical fire, etc). We don't have an estimate on the damage yet, but there were a lot of damaged computers, phones, books, people's personal stuff, plus the possibility of having to replace carpeting, drywall, cubicle dividers, cabinets and so on if any of them start to develop mold.

All photos were ganked from one of my coworkers.

The floor of my cubicle:

The bulletin board behind where Lori's/my computer used to be:

Carts of damaged computer equipment:

We were open to the public while dealing with this, and most of our patrons had no idea anything was going on. Our staff and our maintenance people are just that good. :)

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know you worked at a library you lucky woman!! Every summer I walk into my local library and ask if they need volunteers and they always tell me no :( I hope things work out and you get all dry!!