Saturday, December 17, 2005

Alumni magazine

No, I haven't touched any knitting since I finished the Branching Out. Maybe I'll work on something over the weekend. It's weird; actually finishing something made me LESS inspired to work on my unfinished stuff, when you'd think it would have been the opposite.

I got my alumni magazine today. From what I've seen all alumni magazines are exactly the same: a handful of propaganda articles to remind you how fabulous the school is (the better to solicit alumni donations with), and the section with actual updates about the alumni.

I found out that one of the guys I was in orchestra with was killed earlier this year in a plane crash. The fairly small group of us in orchestra who were music students (as opposed to non-music students who happened to play an instrument, or the community folks) suffered through countless rehearsals where we'd all want to tear our hair out afterwards. That group of us would sit there putting our instruments away, giving each other *the look*. It basically said, "We just wasted another 2.5 hours, and once again, nothing is any better. We should mutiny." It was a nice camaraderie, built on mutual frustration and disgruntlement. Obviously I wasn't especially close friends with John, or I wouldn't have just found out about his death via the alumni magazine. Regardless, he was a great guy, and he'll be missed.

And I just saw that John Spencer has died. I don't think I've ever NOT loved him in something.

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