Friday, December 30, 2005

A stash usage breakthrough!

If you're a knitter and you have a variegated yarn that you're having trouble finding a pattern for, I highly recommend trying My So-Called Scarf. I have this Caron Simply Soft (Country Blue ombre... white, light blue, navy blue) that I bought without really thinking, so it's been in my stash for months. I've tried to start a couple of different projects with it, and I've ended up frogging them before too long because I didn't like the way the yarn was knitting up. I like pooling, but the color distribution in this stuff just drove me nuts.

Last night I started playing around with the Simply Soft again, and got out the pattern for My So-Called Scarf on a whim. And what do you know, it totally works with this yarn. There's also the added bonus of a stitch pattern that takes no effort to remember. Anyway, variegated yarn that you love in a ball/hank/skein, but aren't in love with when it's knitted? Try this pattern. It works with any even number of stitches (also quite nice), so if one has a thinner yarn than Manos wool, one can just cast on a few extra stitches to make sure the scarf will be wide enough. I may try to grab an in-progress picture tomorrow.

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