Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tonight's baking experiment: the Prosciutto Ring from The Bread Bible (but made with bacon instead of prosciutto). It's a bread ring with little pieces of prosciutto in it -- yum. I felt like I needed something fatty and quite bad for me to counteract my recent weight loss. I was 90 pounds to begin with; I don't need any more of it to disappear, but I haven't had much of an appetite lately. That by itself wasn't problematic for a while, but now I'm losing weight, and that's not good.

Anyway, Bacon Ring. Definitely something I'll need to try again. First, I like my bacon crispy to the point of almost being burned. In the bread, the bacon has no way to get crispy, so next time I'll cook the bacon ahead of time. The other irritating thing is that it stuck to the baking sheet, despite an awful lot of bacon fat that should have kept it from sticking. Couldn't use parchment because the oven temp was too high, and I don't have a silpat. And because of the fact that it stuck like crazy, it ended up not being at all photogenic. Thus, no picture. It was pretty... until I forceably wrestled it off the baking sheet.

Other than that... it's bread with bacon in it: two of my great food loves in one wonderful recipe. Next time, I might also add some cheese to complete the trifecta. With crispy bacon and minimal/no sticking, it'll be a winner. I have to say, my apartment smells kind of awesome right now: bacon and fresh-baked bread at the same time.

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