Sunday, September 03, 2006

A major award!

Let me tell you a bit about my Saturday.

First off, I won the Tempting II KAL drawing over at the SKC! Holy cow, how did that happen? I get a copy of Sexy Little Knits by Ashley Paige, which looks like a fun book with lots of cute patterns (although I probably won't be making a knitted bikini any time soon). And yes, my post title is in reference to A Christmas Story... a leg lamp would have been nice, but the book will probably be more useful. ;)

Secondly, my SP sent me a kpixie gift certificate with the attached note, "From Your Secret Pal, penny_karma". So now I know who my SP is! And I have to say, she has the absolute best timing. There are a couple of patterns that I'm going to be ordering from kpixie... and *poof* here's a kpixie gift voucher. How serendipitous. :) Now I just need to finish the last package for my downstream SP... part of the package will be some handdyed stuff, which I still have to dye.

Thirdly, my sourdough starter, which I thought might have been dead, is quite active. Crazy active, actually. It had been hibernating in the fridge since, oh, April, and I got it out on Friday to see if I had killed it. I figured I'd start over if I needed to... wow, I don't need to.

Knitting-wise, I've been working mostly on the Itsy Bitsy bag. Since the weather is cooling off, I dug out my big Manos felted bag that I've been working on for about a year now. It had to go on hiatus for the summer, because the last thing I wanted to work with during the summer was a big heavy wool yarn. When last we left things:

Manos felted bag

I want this bag done in the worst way. It's tedious; nothing but garter stitch mitered squares. However, I know it'll look great once it's done and felted, so I'm committed to finishing it. I may work on it while watching some of the Jerry Lewis telethon. Let me say this: the Jerry Lewis telethon is for a wonderful cause, and people should absolutely donate... but it's really embarassing to watch because most of the entertainment is just plain BAD. I can remember being laid up last year with the worst panic attack ever, and I sat through all of 20 minutes of the telethon before I had to turn it off during some horrible stand-up comic who hadn't changed his act since the 50s. (And seriously, I spent two days thinking that I had a really bad, really weird hangover, and then two more days where I felt awful but knew it couldn't be a hangover if it was lasting that long... after it went away, I figured out that it had just been a particularly nasty panic attack with a whole bunch of new and exciting symptoms that I wasn't at all used to.)

By the way, I know Amazon is a big evil corporation, but I kind of love them. Not only did they give me a Gold Box discount on Arrested Development season 3, but then they shipped it the day before it was officially released... so even with the free shipping option, it got here on Wednesday. Yay!


Ducktastic said...

I totally know what you mean about the heavy wool yarns! I've spent the summer ignoring anything that wasn't silk, cotton, or laceweight. The bag looks like it's going to be gorgeous. :)

Lolly said...

Congrats on the prize! That is so fun!

Amazon is big, but I don't think they are evil. I am pretty much in love with them too ;)

Anonymous said...

I own Sexy Little Knits, and I *LOVE* it!!! There are more than knit bikinis in it, though. :) Adorable shirts, a skirt, a few dresses, and the most sexy nightwear you'll ever find. Congratz on winning!!

Heather said...

way to be a winner, Jen!