Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thanks, gang

First off, I love my friends. You all are such a wonderful, caring, supportive group of people. I think I may have alarmed a few of you, and I'm so sorry about that. I'll make you some felted bags as a mea culpa... :)

Today was a good day; I knew there was one on the horizon somewhere!

I got to work and found a box on my desk. A box containing this:
Colinette Shimmer 5

Colinette Shimmer 5

Colinette Shimmer 5

I splurged a little bit and bought myself some Colinette Shimmer Five. I stumbled on a fantastic sale on it at Flying Fingers... for me, 40% off is the only way to buy Colinette and not feel rampantly awful about it. This is the "Toscana" colorway, which I thought was simply gorgeous. Along with my order, FF also sent a retractable tape measure keychain, and a handwritten thank you note on a sheep postcard--a nice little surprise. Any trip that takes me anywhere near Tarrytown will include a stop at their bricks-and-mortar store.

And here's what I'm doing with the Shimmer Five:
Cropped Raglan Top

I didn't do a good job of explaining this sweater to folks at work... see, it's summery... even though it was in a winter issue of Vogue Knitting...

I also got my copy of Victorian Lace Today from the fine folks of the Harford County Public Library system. We don't have it in our system yet, so I got to order it from another county (library types, this was my first ever personal Marina request... very exciting stuff). OH MY, it makes me want to start wearing shawls.

AND I spent 2 hours of my afternoon at our SRC kickoff, where I helped kids with some travel-themed artwork. How can you not love that?


Amie said...

Oh, that yarn looks HEAVENLY!!! I'm sure you'll have the top done (along with those felted bags) by Saturday (well, today's Thursday, so that should be plenty of time, yes?)

Wanna carpool Saturday? I think we're in the same neck of the woods.... give me a call...

(I'm catching up on blogs and so behind on the news, but you're welcome to borrow my pitbull if you'd feel better....)

Diane D. said...

That top is so cute - it's going to look great on you.