Monday, October 01, 2007


Ok, there's a little website out there called Television Without Pity. Nowadays I read mostly for the 24 and BSG recaps, which... yeah, none of those until 2008.

Anyhoo. Many of the TWoP recappers also maintain blogs/websites elsewhere, and one such site is Tomato Nation, run by Sars. Ordinarily, I wouldn't bother you all with "I read this site, so you should go check it out" stuff, but through the month of October, Sars is hosting a DonorsChoose challenge. DonorsChoose is a fantastic organization that matches sponsors with underfunded school projects submitted by teachers, many of whom are working in high poverty areas. Sars has gone through and earmarked $35,000 worth of projects for her challenge, and as of this post, TN readers have already raised over half of that. In one day. The mind, she boggles. We're set to blow the initial goal out of the water. :D

If you have a spare $10, $20, anything at all, click on through and pick out one of the challenge proposals to sponsor. Every bit helps, and there's always the sweet promise of Sars having to run around in a tomato costume (plus a giveaway contest for those who donate).

***Edited to add: The initial challenge has been met! Woohoo! There's now a bonus round set up here. Never underestimate the power of a bunch of folks on the internet who genuinely care about something. If you're a teacher, or you know any teachers, you're well aware of what they go through to try to give kids a decent education. Knowing how many teachers and students and schools are going to be helped because of this gives me such warm fuzzies...***

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