Friday, October 05, 2007

Musical theater geekout, sorry

Sweeney Todd trailer's up!!!

We did Sweeney Todd when I was in 10th grade. Sadly (and thankfully), all of the photographic evidence is at my parents' house. We didn't exactly pull in big box office receipts, nor had we gotten large audiences for Into The Woods the year before, so for 11th and 12th grade it was back to things like Wizard of Oz and Carousel. Those first two years, though... oh, we had such fun with those two shows. It was Sondheim-palooza. I'm so excited for this movie!

And in some knitting news, I finished the cables on the front pieces of Ljod. In another inch or so, I'll have to sort out the buttonhole situation (i.e. the pattern figures that you'll do one front, evenly space out the buttons on that, then place the buttonholes on the other front accordingly... which isn't helpful at all if you're knitting both fronts at the same time).

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