Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Renn Fest!

I spent a lovely day Sunday at the Renaissance Festival. It was a hot, dusty day out there... which is far superior to a cold, wet, and muddy day.

Lots of dust

Vulcan neck pinch


Fried foods, shopping, a couple of shows... 4 of us bought honey at The Bee Folks, and were joking about how now we need to have a blind honey tasting. I also got some herbal tea, and a purple velvet beret from Tall Toad, a lampwork glass pendant from Transparent Sands, along with my jar of mint honey.

Lampwork pendant

Beret from the renn fest

I've also started socks for Socktoberfest:
cth socks 001

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock "Northern Lights", and the Tropicana pattern from Magknits (which uses a feather and fan stitch). The pattern should be more visible once I have more than one repeat done... LOVE the colors in this yarn, though. Mostly black and dark purple, with bursts of magenta and green.