Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Completed GWTF sock

So, the Masters golf tournament was on this past weekend, and I was at my parents' house. This meant that I got to sit through over 9 hours of golf coverage with "limited commercial interruptions"...

I got almost the entire foot of my Go With The Flow sock completed, and just had a few toe decreases left for Knit Night last night:
Proof of a finished sock

This golf was, at least, a bit more interesting than normal because there were a lot of lead changes. Plus, there was my family mocking the "A tradition unlike any other" tagline that they use for the Masters. Still... it was a LOT of golf. I was on the gusset decreases when I got there on Saturday.

The weekend was good, though. My parents and I went to see The Hoax Saturday night (my brother wasn't interested, so he stayed home). I liked it--I didn't LOVE it, but it was decent. Sunday, we all went to brunch with my grandmother, who is a hoot. She doesn't believe in keeping opinions to one's self, and apparently spent a lot of time at the last brunch making sure that everyone knew that the beef was dry. The Easter brunch beef met with approval, however. :)

Sock toe and cuff


Anonymous said...

Very Nice Jen!
Now that sock can sing "Don't cha wish you were a sock like me,..."

Lolly said...

Love it! It is so pretty in those colors!

I have to get out and see that movie - for me, it is totally work-related! I did a small display @ work about Clifford Irving. :)

Coleen said...

When I first read the title of your post, I thought it said WTF and really, that has a TOTALLY different meaning! :) Love the sock!

Mintyfresh said...

Unlike Coleen, I saw 'GWTW' and wondered how these were Scarlett O'Hara inspired. Yay for uninterrupted knitting time! Great socks.