Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Quick update

I wore my Cache Coeur to work yesterday, and got a bazillion compliments on it! Even the non-knitters asked about it. And since I've never loved the picture from just after I finished it (bad lighting + me looking kind of weird... great combo), I took some newer, hopefully better pictures of it while I have some good Cache Coeur mojo working.


I'll be casting on soon for a blanket square for the Mosaic Yarn Shop drive. They're in Blacksburg, and they're collecting 8x8 squares to make blankets for the victims' families. Great idea, Mosaic folks! (more info on their blog)


Mintyfresh said...

It's always so nice when everyone notices something that you put a lot of work into. It looks great!

Stacey said...

that came out beautiful! you should be proud!!!

Lolly said...

I really like the way the Cache Coeur looks, Jen! Minty's right too - it means so much when people notice :)