Friday, October 06, 2006


Oh, Battlestar Galactica, how I've missed you. Frak me, what an awesome show. ;)

I had to laugh when they showed the "This season on BSG" preview, and there's one of the characters who was supposed to have been executed at the end of tonight's premiere, walking around and doing just fine... Sci-Fi has been taking lessons from the Fox promo monkeys.

I tried to knit during it, but I didn't get much done. Probably just as well. I've had wine. :D

The little that I did get done brought me closer to being finished with the yoke increases on my Simple Knitted Bodice. I'm on my last repeat before joining. My only real concern is that I might run out of yarn, but everything I have is labeled as dye lot "1", so it's apparently not a yarn that has many dye lots. I'm hoping that I'll be able to grab a couple more skeins, maybe on Sunday (I got the yarn at Springwater in Alexandria, and going there isn't exactly something I can do spur-of-the-moment). I can think of worse ways to spend a Sunday than doing some browsing in Alexandria, especially since I haven't really gotten a chance to do that the other times I've gone there.

I can't go yarn shopping tomorrow, because I'm working all day. If anyone wants to come to work with me, I could totally smuggle someone in my knitting bag... ok, a very small someone. And the purse lockers probably aren't the most comfortable place to hang out. Aaaaand that's it, no more wine for me tonight. Although I haven't reached "drunk" (as evidenced by the fact that I can still type), I do have powerfully bad judgment when I get too much alcohol in my system. Right now, I think I'm at a nice level of "acceptably tipsy, yet not too stupid"... Good night, folks. *hugs* :)

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Lolajl said...

I think the writing is much better and plotline seems more tighter than last season. Of course, it's only the first show of the season, so judgement may be premature. But it does seems that it's going to be a bit more focused this season.