Sunday, October 01, 2006

Crafty Bastards!

So, how could one NOT go to something called the Crafty Bastards arts and crafts fair? I went with Sarah and Kirby, and we had fun. None of us got anything at Crafty Bastards... we didn't get there right at the start, and some of the booths were already pretty picked over. A lot of the vendors were just selling t-shirts or tote bags with their designs, and it wasn't as much handmade craft stuff as I was expecting (Oh, Craftsman's Christmas Classic in Richmond, you spoiled me). We wandered around for a while, then headed out of the festival and got the hugest slices of pizza I have ever seen. They gave us two plates to hold each slice, and the slices didn't even entirely fit on those.

After Crafty Bastards, I think we all needed to go buy something, so we went over to Stitch DC.

Stitch DC

Some RYC Luxury Cotton DK came home with me:
RYC Luxury Cotton DK

Not a color I usually go for, but I really liked this. It's a very champagne-y beige with a nice sheen to it.

And, in honor of Socktoberfest kicking off, I picked up my neglected second Petticoat Sock today and finished a lace repeat. :)

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Lolly said...

It is too bad we missed each other at the fair! I actually found several things at Crafty Bastards - this was my 2nd year to go.

Wow, the yarn you got is so pretty, Jen! Yea Socktoberfest too! Thanks for being in it with me ;)