Monday, October 16, 2006

News! Real news!

So, first, the giant happy news: I've been promoted to full-time! I can't accurately convey how thrilled I am about this without using a glut of exclamation points, and then my blog would look all OMG LOL!!11!!!!!! I got off the phone with HR Thursday morning and had a total happy fit, complete with jumping around and making high-pitched noises. I've been working part-time since January, and I don't think I need to tell anyone that part-time work doesn't cover the bills. Full-time work will make life a lot easier, and I feel like a fairly huge weight has been lifted... Hey, I'll have money for Stitches! :)

After getting this phone call, I then had to work Thursday afternoon and evening, 2 shifts at 2 different branches... which I won't have to do any more as a full-time employee, yay! They do schedule an hour between shifts for travel time and dinner, so I got to my evening branch and had about half an hour to eat. For some reason, I also had two cups of coffee. I don't know if it was the caffeine just knocking me for a loop or what, but I spent most of my shift jittery, light-headed, woozy, and generally feeling very VERY weird. I got home around 9:30 and went straight to bed. I almost never go to bed before midnight, so... no, I was not feeling well AT ALL. I know caffeine is bad for me, and doubly so because of my panic attacks. It's probably for the best if I go back to my "only have coffee at knitting group" rule, and stay away from it other than that.

Whatever was going on, illness-wise, it was mostly gone on Friday, so I was ok to go to work and then to Erin's birthday party, which involved much wine, much food (Cheryl put together a FANTASTIC spread -- thanks, Cheryl!), much yarn... we had lots of fun! And we had a yarn swap, and I'm pretty sure I ended up with more than I brought. Also on Friday, a bag of Cascade Fixation that I ordered from Little Knits showed up, so I think I have enough yarn to last me until Stitches. Probably. :)

I spent the weekend up in NJ, and my brother was actually visiting at the same time. I saw him for about 6 hours on Saturday before he had to catch a train back to NYC. Spent Sunday afternoon at a brunch at my grandmother's retirement complex (there were cream puffs, so I was happy). For dinner, my dad and I went to pick up stuff from Boston Market, where we waited at least 30 minutes to just start placing our order. Too few employees who weren't exactly rushing to fill people's orders + a couple of high maintenance customers with complicated orders = a line 45 minutes long by the time we finally got out of there. You better believe we had wine with dinner: a lovely bottle of chambourcin from Fiore that I brought up with me.

I managed to get back from NJ today in time to go grab some Indian food before Knit Night... yum. Although I love Indian food, this actually was the first time I've ever had tandoori chicken (I tend to go for curries instead). I want to try to make naan, but I'm not sure how close I can get in a home kitchen without a tandoor oven. I'll have to try it out anyway, because I could live on the stuff. Well, except that I don't want to get scurvy.

At Knit Night, I finished another square on the Manos mitered square bag (I'll finish this bag someday, honest)... the Simple Knitted Bodice is at the point where I need to put it on waste yarn to see how it fits, so I couldn't have worked on it even if I had brought it with me. I had my sock with me, but didn't work on it. Worst. Socktoberfest participant. Ever. ;)

Anyway, that's the past few days. SO HAPPY about the job situation that everything else is just gravy. :D


Mintyfresh said...

YAY! Awesome news about the job. What a relief--and an exciting new venture! Will you have a single site to go to daily now?

Diane D. said...

Congratulations - what great news!

Coleen said...

congrats on the job! that is awesome!

Theresa said...

Congratulations! It is such a great feeling when you know you're going to have enough to pay the bills and have some fun.

Indian food is yummy. I usually get chicken tikka masala. So creamy, so good.

Lolly said...

Such great news! Big congrats, Jen! :)

and don't be too hard on yourself about socks - I have been working on other things too!

Sarah said...

Thats great!!

Molly Morrison said...

Not just real news, but good news! Congratulations!!