Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Evil little nuggets of caffeine

So, I slept through tonight's Baltimore SnB, after having spent the last few days on an all-hours cleaning spree. This was inspired by two magic words: "apartment inspection". If I had known that the inspection would be a guy flipping a couple of lights on and off, I might not have gone so nuts. Anyway, my cleaning spree had been fueled by Trader Joe's chocolate covered espresso beans, and I finally crashed this afternoon... and slept right through the SnB. At least I got to Knit Night last night. If I had slept through that, I would have been cranky. I got a bit done there on my second Petticoat Sock. It's lace, but easy-to-remember lace, so there haven't been any distracted mishaps on it yet. I have 8 leg repeats done, with another 5 to go before starting the heel.

The good news is, post-cleaning, my apartment looks quite nice. I'll see if I feel like rearranging the furniture tomorrow... It's been a long time coming, considering that I've had my current configuration for well over a year. I even have a floor plan drawn out, so I know ahead of time where everything is going. :)

There are so many TV happenings that I am excited about this week. Lost, the Project Runway reunion show, Battlestar Galactica... yay! Makes up nicely for my Fox shows being gone during the playoffs. I may end up watching some of the playoffs anyway, but not as much as I would have if the Phillies had gotten their wild card spot. *sigh* They were close this year.

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Sarah said...

Congrats on your clean place. Sometimes getting my condo REALLY clean feels like more work than knitting a pair of socks. =)
Speaking of which, cant wait to see those finished Petticoat socks!