Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some spinning

Thanks to everyone who commented on the socks! I was very happy to get them finished before the end of Socktober, and I even wore them to work yesterday. Speaking of which, I have three words to describe work yesterday: Library. Haunted. House. It was pirate themed, and performed by a local costuming group. Lots of fun, but some of the kids got a little (or a LOT) overexcited, and came back into the library screaming their heads off.

No big knitting progress to speak of. However, I had some handspun that I pulled off my drop spindle and wound into a mini-skein. This is SWTC Karaoke fiber, and I was basically playing around with it to see how it spun. The resulting yarn is about DK weight.

Karaoke handspun

Up next: knitting a swatch with this, and testing out some of the navy blue corriedale I got a few weeks ago.

I'm looking forward to Stitches, taking place in Baltimore -- my backyard! I'm not taking any classes, but I think I'll be marketplace-bound on Saturday and maybe Sunday.

Also looking forward to seeing Firefly folks popping up on CSI and Lost... that makes me happy. :) And it'll be cold enough for me to start wearing my Jayne hat soon.

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