Friday, July 28, 2006

Project list overhaul

So, anyone who follows my current projects list has noticed a change to it. First, I frogged the IK Chevron Rib Tank. I love the pattern, I like the yarn, but I didn't like the two together. The Rowan Summer Tweed is very colorful and fairly textured (almost a boucle), and the stitch pattern was getting completely lost. Unfortunately, with that project, the stitch pattern is really important... thus, it's been frogged.

Taking its place in the project list is the Bias Corset from the Summer 2006 IK, using my attempt at handpainted yarn:

My handpainting attempt

The funny thing is, I fully intended to use this yarn for socks... but the yarn did not want to be socks. Emphatically didn't want to be socks. So I poked through IK (since I want to make at least half of the patterns in that issue), and found that this stuff would work for the Bias Corset. It was meant to be, really. Who knew that fate took an interest in knitting?

Have you seen the new knitting bags at Knitpicks? Even the large is only $20... In my opinion, most organizer/knitting bags are ridiculously overpriced for what they are, so I may be ordering one of these things.

Finally, if you are a Star Trek fan, or a Monty Python fan, or better yet a Star Trek AND Monty Python fan, you must watch this: Star Trek/Knights of the Round Table mashup.

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Molly Morrison said...

Ooh.. I loved a lot of the patterns in IK Summer also.. and I can't wait to see the Bias Corset in that gorgeous yarn!! (As for fate, well, either fate takes an interest in knitting, or the yarn actually has projects in mind. I think I prefer the alternative that doesn't involve yarn being capable of having a mind. ;-) )