Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Are there knitting gnomes?

If not, I officially have no explanation for how I'm binding off my Bias Corset when 2 days ago I was only about halfway done.

(Regarding the pattern, I'm not sure how 3/4" of fabric somehow takes it from an A cup to a D cup. Especially 3/4" of fabric measured vertically at the neckline. Shouldn't "cup shaping" happen nearer to the cups? )

Anyway, my strangely almost-finished project. I'd blame last night's Knit Night, but I didn't get much done there... we were talking about weird people, stalkers, and Project Runway. It was fun. :)

So, I got home and pulled out the Bias Corset to work on while I watched Prison Break (which I'd recorded while I was out). I checked the pattern, and all I had left was to do 2 more rounds, bind off, and make the straps. I don't know how it happened. For me, the possibility of 2 FOs in about a week is just nutty. I blame gnomes.

This is my first I-cord bindoff ever... kinda nifty. I like it.

(And a big "I don't know what's happening either" to any folks who subscribe to my site feed. I know this post isn't displaying correctly, and depending on the reader, apparently SEVERAL posts are being cut off in the middle. It started doing this randomly, and is definitely not something that I set it up to do. Since it's apparently happening in several different readers, I blame Blogger. They're so busy working on the coming "Blogger Beta" upgrades that they're completely ignoring the existing non-beta service. I MUST share the email I got from their support people... it deserves its own post, really.)

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turtlegirl76 said...

Nice! I can't wait to see it!

Yay gnomes!