Monday, August 28, 2006

New projects

Yay for 24! Yay for The Office! I thought the Emmys were pretty enjoyable, although you can count me among the legions who feel that Gregory Itzin, Jean Smart, and Steve Carell were robbed. I was particularly happy to see Carlos Bernard up with the 24 posse at the end (I love him).

With 2 projects recently finished, I've started 2 new projects to take up the empty spots in the queue. First off, I frogged the crocheted bag that I was doing in the allhemp3. I don't really know what I was thinking, making a crocheted bag when I don't enjoy crochet all that much. So, I'm using the hemp yarn to do an Itsy Bitsy bag from Knitty.

Itsy Bitsy mesh bag

The yarn isn't easy to work with (rough texture, no elasticity), but I'm getting used to it. It shows off the stitch pattern really nicely, and I know this will be a durable bag when it's done. I've also started an Icarus shawl in the blue Misti alpaca laceweight... yes, actual lace. Not a whole lot done on that so far, but it's going well.

I got together with some folks at All About Yarn yesterday, followed by knitting time in a coffee shop and then more knitting time outside after the coffee shop closed. Lolly has a picture of all of us up, which I'm hoping she won't mind me linking to. :) I was very restrained at AAY; the only thing I bought was the latest Vogue Knitting. I fondled the Manos and Wool in the Woods, but didn't buy any. Manos has some new colors, one of which is a variegated purple and lavender that I absolutely love. I know I'll be buying some once I have a project in mind (i.e. "something that's not a felted bag").

I've started considering Christmas knitting, and I'm particularly thinking about a lap blanket or afghan for my grandmother. Although I picked up knitting on my own, I'm pretty sure I inherited the knitting gene from her. She used to knit, and she always notices if I'm wearing something that I made (she liked my Clapotis quite a bit). Her room isn't that big, so I can't make anything HUGE... a smallish afghan or a lap blanket would be just about right.

Going out for Indian food tonight, yay!

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