Monday, August 14, 2006

Neckband issues

Got together with some of the Knit Nite ladies this evening, which was lots of fun. Tempting stayed home, as it's at a less-than-portable stage (more on that in a sec), so the Bias Corset put in a public appearance.

So, Tempting... apparently, I should trust my knitting instincts a bit more. I had changed the pattern for the neckband ever so slightly, but kept the same ratio of picking up one stitch from the neck to knit together with a stitch on the band on every RS row. And as I was working my way around, I vaguely thought the neck opening looked too wide... but I kept working. I finished, tried it on, and EEEK NO.

Even though I had used a needle one size down for the band, it was lining up with the rest of the sweater in such a way that the neckline was stretched out to its maximum width. I'd either have to wear it as a cowl (which would look weird since it's not designed to be a cowl), or off the shoulder (too "Flashdance"). Thankfully, the band frogged with minimal difficulty, and I think I have the ratio of picked up stitches per row figured out better. So, a bit of a setback, but I'm already almost back to where I was before. We'll see if it works better this time.

Note to self: Considering my usual sizing issues, if something looks too big, it probably is.

I have found something to do with the newly-acquired skein of Lorna's Laces -- the Dream Swatch headband from the Garter Belt. This will be slowgoing, as I seem to have a slight sensitivity to the wool and I can't work with it for extended periods of time. My wool problems are weird. Manos gives me no trouble, but Lorna's Laces makes me itchy? Thanks, histamine response. Maybe if I take some Benadryl before knitting with it... I might end up in a Benadryl coma-nap, but I wouldn't be itchy. Pick your battles, right?


Finally, if you're a fan of The Office on NBC, I'd like to direct you to set aside a chunk of time and head over to Television Without Pity, and more specifically, to Jacob's Tubey's Kids recap of "The Dundies" and "Casino Night". For anyone playing along at home, Jacob is responsible for the TWOP recap of the A Wrinkle in Time tv movie. The book is good. The movie was mindbendingly horrible, and two years later, the recap still holds the title of The Most Hysterical Thing I've Ever Read On The Internet. I was in tears the first time I read it. However, when Jacob is an honest fan of something (as with Serenity, and The Office), he gets into all sorts of insightful character analysis stuff. The recaps of Serenity and these two Office episodes both gave me a bit of a lump in the throat (shut up). No, not exactly the usual TWOP fare.

But lest you think it's probably not funny at the same time, I offer this:
'[...]Needless to say Michael's not what you'd call "rapping" in "time" to the music. It's eerily like what would happen if Bob Dylan worked at Taco Bell post-lobotomy, music video by Crispin Glover.'



Lolly said...

I was sorry to miss the Knit Nite, but I will be there at the regularly scheduled Monday next week.

I *love* The Office, so I have to check out these links - thanks, J!

Ducktastic said...

I don't remember where I read this, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt, but I could swear that it was discovered that some people's "wool" allergies were actually allergies to what the wool was processed with. Maybe that's what you're hitting? Might be worth giving the skein a good washing, first. :)