Friday, August 04, 2006

Some neutrals for PS

It's August, which means it's the neutrals month for Project Spectrum. I usually opt for brightly colored yarns instead of neutrals... For that reason, there aren't a ton of neutrals in my stash, but I did dig out these:

Stash neutrals
(If you're dying to know what everything there is, click through to the Flickr page)

Beaded bracelets
Beaded bracelets (not made by me)

I finished the main body of Tempting last night, yay! And progress on the Bias Corset is going nicely, considering that I'm working on size 3 needles. I had it in NJ with me last weekend, and got about 5" done while watching various things on TV. My mom (with no prompting) made a comment that she really liked the colors in the yarn I was using... which is yarn that I dyed. She was duly impressed. :)


Lolly said...

Great news about your knitting progress! I like your neutral stash - thanks for showing it off! :)

Kathy S. said...

Hi Chacha, Here's a pic of your hand-dye becoming the Chacha sock. Mistakes, yes well, number 2 will have fewer and different ones.