Friday, March 24, 2006

Random post, possibly influenced by wine

Didn't the Gonzaga game last night make you want to cry? True, they blew their own huge lead and can't blame anyone but themselves, but that was so painful. The Villanova/BC game is on now. Ah, Villanova. Scaring fans as only they know how. UR (my alma mater) is also a scary team to watch, but when they get scary and can't get shots to go in, they lose. Period. Villanova somehow wins, but they make it LOOK like they're going to lose -- that's worse. My father is a Villanova grad, and right now, he and my mother are in Istanbul, Turkey... I'll be text-messaging them the day's scores later, and I hope I have good news for them.

Why are my parents in Turkey, you ask? There's a total solar eclipse next week, and the path of totality goes over parts of Turkey. Yes, my parents went to Turkey to see a solar eclipse. How much do I love that?

Wait, it's not all basketball and eclipses. Yesterday, I went to my second knitting group meeting. They're a fun group; lots of different skill levels, and a lot of gabbing. The two meetings I've been to have been great, and this week, I came away with 3 skeins of Wool in the Woods "Willow Hill" (a bulky wool/alpaca blend) that one of the women had bought and wasn't going to be able to use. If you know me, you know that Wool in the Woods is my favorite yarn company, so I'm all kinds of happy about this. I think I have two different colorways of the Willow Hill; two skeins are more dark blue and purple, and the other has maroon and green. I think they'll work well together. I'm rinsing them right now, because it feels like there's some residue on them, but once they're dry, there will be pictures. I'm thinking this might be good yarn for a Cinxia or some kind of short jacket like that.

At this meeting, I also had the first cup of coffee that I've had in almost 2 years... hello, twitchy Jen. Despite twitchiness, I highly recommend the Marble Mocha Macchiato at Starbucks/Barnes & Noble. Very yummy, and fun to say 5 times fast.

Back to basketball. Can I just say, THANK GOD I have 2 CBS affiliates here. The Baltimore one seems to actually be showing the Villanova game, while the DC affiliate is showing the GMU/Wichita State game. I know that it's tough for CBS to juggle multiple games happening at the same time, but it's ridiculous to me that they'd cut away from a game where there's only a one-point lead to one where there's a 19-point lead. GMU's local, so good for them for doing well, but it's boring to watch when a team has a lead like that. Given a choice, I want to watch the interesting game, not the blowout. Of course, it's bad for one's blood pressure to watch Villanova, so there are pros and cons either way.


Mama -E said...

I love wool in the woods... i did the ruffles scarves out of it from scarf style... Cloverhill has the trunk show soon, eh?

Kathy said...

I didn't care much for the MMM at Starbucks.... my fave is the gingerbread or peppermint mocha that comes out at the holiday season. Yummy!