Monday, March 13, 2006

Some happy thoughts

Ok, I feel like I need to make up for the general unpleasantness I inflicted in my last post...

All About Yarn is having a St. Patricks Day sale. 15% off any green yarn. They had a red yarn sale for Valentines Day, during which I (of course) didn't buy any red yarn. However, I can definitely see me going for greens. If they ever find a holiday to have a purple or blue sale for, I'm sunk. :)

Speaking of yarns and stash... I should start taking my Flash Your Stash pictures soon. The nice thing about having a fairly small stash is that I figure I can get it done in a couple of hours at most, even if I separate everything by individual yarns.

I'm starting to come out of my post-Knitting Olympics knitting malaise, and am searching for a new main project to be working on. I think I need a Scorpio Zodiac Fair Isle pillow from Nicky Epstein's Knitting for Your Home. The Zodiac afghan is a bit daunting, but I feel like I could do a pillow. And I've never done fair isle, so it would be a Learning Experience. Who knows, if the pillow goes well, maybe I'll go for the whole afghan. :)

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