Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flash Your Stash!

(Clicking on pictures will open them in a new window)

I have a fairly small stash. Some people have a stash room; I have a stash corner:

Underneath the shopping bags (all of which are yarn), you can see a clear Rubbermaid underbed storage box. My stash used to fit in that thing. My ENTIRE stash. Not so much anymore.

As for what's in the bags and the box...

8 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in "Shocking Pink"
I can't get this color to photograph quite right. It looks more orange in the picture than it actually is (if you've ever seen the hot pink Silky Wool, that's what this is). I think this is going to become some kind of cardigan.

5 balls of Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine

6 balls of Elsebeth Lavold Cable Cotton

Blue Heron Yarns Petite Rayon Ric Rac, "Fall"
I have to find something awesome to do with this. The problem is that I'm not really a "shawls and wraps" person. I have a Clapotis that I love... and I've never worn it. So, any wrap that I make for myself is probably going to be a waste of yarn. Anyway, this yarn is gorgeous, so I have to find something to do with it that I'll actually wear.

4 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere
I used some pink Cotton Cashmere for my mom's Branching Out, and really liked it. It was splitty, but it's cotton, so that's not odd. When I saw more of the Cotton Cashmere on sale at Stitch DC, I had to get it. And that orange there is NOTHING compared to this:

3 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape, "Sunburst"
I found a pattern online for a very cute dropstitch shrug that calls for 3 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape, so I actually know what I'm doing with this. I just need more tank tops that'll go with it, since not many colors work well with neon orange. :)

5 hanks of Crystal Palace Waikiki, "Tidepool"
Ah, THERE'S my normal color palette. Why do I keep buying bright orange yarn? Am I trying to make up for my subdued personality? Is there a secret wild woman in me that I don't know about yet? Or should I not be psychoanalyzing my yarn purchases?

My dyeing experiments
I had some fun here. Still trying to decide if this is all for me, or if some of it may get swapped or eBay-ed. I LOVE the way they turned out, so chances are good that they're staying with me.

3 hanks of Wool in the Woods Frizee
If you look at my banner and button, you'll notice that this stuff looks very familiar. This is one of the best smelling yarns I have. It smells like detergent, but in a good way.

3 hanks of Wool in the Woods Seeds 'n Such, "Bashful"
Seeds 'n Such is the yarn I used for my Clapotis. It's a thick/thin cotton thread wrapped with a slubby rayon thread, and is a bit of a pain to work with. However, it's gorgeous when knitted, so after completing my Clapotis, I bought more of the same yarn in a different colorway.

3 hanks Wool in the Woods Willow Hill
This is the yarn I got at the Annapolis knitting group last week. (Yes, I have a Wool in the Woods problem.) It's all dark, muted colors, and I can't wait to find something to do with it.

6 skeins Misti Alpaca Worsted
This is my latest acquisition. Since I haven't put any other pictures of it on the blog yet, here's a closeup that shows off the colors:

2 balls of Schoeller Stahl Portofino Souffle
I have fuzzy purple pants, why not fuzzy purple yarn?

4 skeins of Lion Brand Chenille
The thing about Lion Chenille that amuses me is that they say that it's not recommended for knitting. Crocheting is fine, but knitting... no. Maybe it worms a lot, who knows. I will probably be knitting with it (I can crochet, but I usually don't).

My box of leftovers
I have this picture up on Flickr with nifty mouseovers, if you're dying to know what everything in there is.

I also have all of these pictures set up as a Flickr FYS set.


AliceC said...

Very nicely done, jen!! Your stash is a really nice size...check out mine and you'll see what i mean!!

thomasina said...

Another Elsebeth Lavold lover! And I will have to check out Wool in the Woods - their yarn looks scrumptious.

Zonda said...

Nice yarn there! Yummy! Great pics too!

sgeddes said...

Beautiful yarns and great pictures! I might have to get some of the Blue Heron you have pictured.

Trillian42 said...

Nice work!

And how have I not seen the dyeing experiments yet? They are awesome!

And folks - not only was I there when the stash fit into the plastic tub, I was there for the first non-project-specific purchase. It was a beautiful moment.

snowdrop said...

You've got a nice stash going there... Looks way more organized than mine!

JessaLu said...

Beautiful - I love your hand-dyed stuff :o)

purrl said...

Nice stash! Another Elsebeth Lavold fan - great pics too!

ginger said...

Wow, you've got some good stuff there. Thanks for the flash.

trek said...


Come visit my stash flash.

Kalendar Girl said...

Nice stash! And nicely photographed!

monkeemaven said...

Nice stash. Needs more laceweight, but it has promise. :D

(what a gal who doesn't do wraps and shawls would need laceweight for... anyone's guess. but you need more laceweight. *cackle*)

Susan said...

Oh, the Wool in the Woods is lovely....