Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy day

What's that? Why yes, I did cast on for my Cache Coeur last night. I didn't WANT to. The yarn made me.

Cache Couer Bergamo, 4/26/06

No, I'm not doing it in orange and purple stripes. The orange is my provisional cast-on. I've only done a provisional cast-on once before, on something that I frogged after about 8 rows. It's kind of fun. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to have a horribly clashing yarn attached to this for a little while. :)

Here's my sock, which I'm plugging away on:
Petticoat sock progress, 4/26/06
I started the lace section for the toe last night. Yay! THE TOE! That's close to the end, right?

And of course, my latest yarn purchases...

My new Silky Wool.
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool

A skein of Blue Heron cotton woven ribbon.
Blue Heron cotton woven ribbon

In other news, I just got my lease renewal notice today. My apartment complex was just bought by a new management company about a month ago, and I had been DREADING the new rent rate. By state law, rental properties can't increase rent more than 10%, but I didn't know if that still applied because of the new management company. I've been vaguely expecting my rent to double (which would mean I'd be moving). So, I got my notice, and my rent is only going up by 3%. 3%? Woohoo!! I'm SO ridiculously happy about this. They didn't even go for the full 10%, which is awesome of them. I honestly wasn't expecting anything this low.

I will be celebrating this evening at DuClaw's Berserkr release party. This definitely calls for a celebratory pint.

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