Monday, May 01, 2006

Mon Petit Chou started

Well, after thinking that maybe I'd hold off until after I finished my Cache Coeur, I cast on for the Mon Petit Chou this afternoon. I was trying to take it easy today, so knitting was a good activity. I spent Sunday violently ill from food poisoning. I'm feeling much better today, but still didn't feel like doing much of anything. So, I watched TV and got a decent amount of knitting done.

Thus, I'm 20 rows into my newly-started Mon Petit Chou. The Cascade Fixation is fun yarn, and I'd love to try some socks with it sometime. I'm having to knit LOOSELY, which is new and different for me. It's very stretchy and springy, and took a couple of rows to get used to. The lace pattern is showing up nicely, and isn't anywhere near as complicated as it looks on the page. I even worked on it during Prison Break and 24, and didn't have to rip anything back.

(Speaking of 24: Between "Miles, you little asskisser" and Chloe tasering the annoying drunk guy at the hotel, I thought tonight's episode was darn funny.)

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Bonnie said...

So far I've only swatched for my mon petit chou, but I also like the Cascade Fixation. I'm thinking it could be nice not only for socks but for a pair of fingerless gloves.

I'm glad to hear the pattern is not as difficult as it looks!